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A gastronomical exploration into our relationship with what we consume, and what we produce.

Performing chefs, disused onsite industrial kitchen, digestive and locally grown ingredients grown with recycled water from the Western Treatment Plant.

With thanks to Mason Bros Vegetable Farms and the Farm Café.

Treatment: Flightlines 2017

Melbourne Water Western Treatment Pant

Treatment Flightlines was a public art project involving 10 artists, 10 buses and 10,000 hectares. Curated by Cameron Bishop FLightlines took place across two Saturdays in late April 2017. It explores the histories, cultures, technologies and landscapes of Melbourne's oldest and largest sewage treatment facility.

Artists: Lyndal Jones, Zoe Bastin, Zoe Scoglio, Louis Helbig, Sean McLeod, Olivia Millard, Ashlee Barton, Fiona Hillary, Maree Clarke & Amanda Shone