Artwork > Week Magique 2011

Dis-covery exhibition
curated by Colin Langridge
Ten Days On The Island
Long Gallery

This exhibition was about the romantic notion of islands, and I chose the perspective of cruise ship travel as as a means of investigating the curatorial premise.

I would never see them arrive but always hear the honk of them leave. As a temporarily attached extension, these cruise ships tower over the docking sheds they sit against. Arriving and departing they expand the islands circumference and population for a moment. Watching dazed and disorientated tourists stream from these gleaming ships I often wondered how their experience of Tasmania compared to what they had preconceived. Actually how the entire ultimate holiday experience of cruising compared to what they had imagined or what the brochure sold. The P&O Pacific Dawn is a floating island. A fantasy and destination itself. A luxury hotel packed full of conveniences disinfected surfaces, beauty therapies, smiles, uniforms and blue plastic sun lounges.

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