Artwork > Glacial Matters Bozo Ink. collaboration 2009


The exhibition Glacial Matters is a collaborative project by the group Bozo Ink. Comprised of Melbourne based artists Cameron Bishop, Simon Reis and Tasmanian based artist Amanda Shone the work is a response to the Nature/Culture debate that has raged within Western society for hundreds of years.

Triggered from either natural or human activity, in mountainous terrain avalanches are among the most serious objective hazards to life and property, the destructive capability resulting from their potential to carry an enormous mass of snow rapidly over large distances. Avalanches only occur when the stress on the snow exceeds the shear, ductile, and tensile strength of the snow pack.

Barthe said; "landscape is the cultural sign of nature". Nature will swamp culture, and things will be indistinguishable, indeterminate and finite. No one will be around to read the archive or to uncover humanity's stratified rubbish or to build a museum around it.

Music on opening night will be the sounds of Michael Fortescue.